Fishing Magnets: How Safe Are They?

Fishing magnets are super-strong magnets used for hunting and pulling out ferromagnetic objects hidden in water bodies. This activity is known as magnetic fishing, and it's increasing popularity but also comes with several dangers for those who are not well-experienced. For example, fishing magnets may slam together and generate sparks, causing fires due to their strong magnetic force.

Thus, like every outdoor activity, you need to take precautions to call it a successful adventure! So, here are some preventive tips that you can follow while using fishing magnets.

Fishing magnets safety tips

  • A big NO to risky shores

While you would be in safety gear, there are chances of slipping into the water. Especially when a lot of debris has been collected on your fishing magnet, it can drag you toward the depth of the water if you aren't careful. A pocket full of too many coins submerged into the water is the best example to depict the situation.

Thankfully, you can avoid such dangers by staying away from risky shores like crumbling edges, high cliffs, and areas that are hard to climb if you fall into the water.

  • High-quality ropes, but not too many!

It's a smart move to keep one rope tied around you, ready to pull you up. Also, you might need another rope in situations such as a second guide rope for the fishing magnet in rough waters.

However, deploying too many ropes can make them easily tangled. Not only would it complicate the situation, but it can prove to be dangerous. The best way to avoid complications is using high-quality ropes and keeping the setup simple. Do not use extra ropes if not necessary.

  • Keep it offbeat 

Although it might be a nice day to chat with a fellow fisher you met at the spot, things can turn ugly in no time. For example, there are high chances if both of you get latched on to the same object underwater, causing arguments. In the worst-case scenario, you don't want the person to pull out a gun or knife at you!

That's why it's always recommended to keep your magnetic fishing spot away from crowded areas. You can also ask somebody if they have deep water near their land and proceed only after getting their permission.

Are you heading to your next magnetic fishing adventure? Keep the above simple tips in mind, and use only high-quality fishing magnets and ropes. That's why Muscular Magnetics brings you magnet fishing kits with superior quality fishing magnets, ropes, hooks, gloves, etc., at the most affordable prices. Grab your kit today!