Magnet Fishing: The New Productive Leisure

Magnet fishing is a novel concept about which a lot of us are unaware of. It is a productive sports activity for people of all ages and genders alike. If you have a long rope and a strong magnet and live near a body of water, you are absolutely good to go. You'll not only have a good time and learn something new but will also be improving the environment.

What do you do for magnet fishing discoveries? Although you won't be able to specifically locate gold or silver because they aren't magnetic in their natural state, you may be able to pick up items on jewelry chains or containers that hold them. Old guns, chains, secure boxes, tools, keys, or phones, among other things, can be fixed into something new.

Selecting the preferred location 

Any location with a lot of foot traffic near a body of water is bound to produce good finds. Here are a few examples:

  • Lakes or wetlands in public parks.
  • Piers for fishing
  • Docks
  • Marinas and boat slips are both accessible.
  • Waterways for recreation
  • Canals and Wells

Another way to scout possible fishing spots is to use Google maps. Water bodies, rivers, and creeks are highlighted in blue in “Map view,” making them easy to find. Switching to "satellite view" after you've selected an area displays photographic images that allow you to search for piers, docks, walkways, and other features. 

Tips and Tricks for Hunting 

Before going too far, get knowledge about new places. Your only enemy is the rock, and if there aren't many, you might as well try your luck, but if the terrain is too rough, you should probably move on.

Begin by dropping in close to where you are and testing the terrain with your magnet by hopping or jigging it. This works best with a single-sided magnet, but it also works with double-sided magnets designed specifically for dragging. In any case, getting the hang of it and reaping the benefits doesn't take long! 

Hunt and check often. The more you cast, the better your chances of finding something! You’ll most likely cast your magnet hundreds of times in one outing, so you’ll want to make sure the eyebolt is secure by applying the Threadlocker to the eyebolt before using. This is to prevent the magnet from coming off and the result of losing your magnet. Avoid dragging your magnet over concrete railings, rough surfaces, or sharp objects, as this can result in fraying or weakening. 

Why choose us? 

Magnet fishing necessitates the use of a powerful magnet. It's best to get the most powerful magnet you can and secure it to a cord. 

All of our products are supported by thousands of customers who have used our products rigorously through many types of waters and have found some remarkable finds. We are a USA based company and here to answer any of your questions to assist in finding the best kit for your needs!

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