Frequently Asked Questions

***WARNING*** Those with pacemakers DO NOT magnet fish. The strength of the magnets may interfere with the device.

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The tape is meant to be used around and above the knot 3-4 inches for added durablility. When pulling items out of the water, there can be a lot of strain at the bottom of the rope.

Apply the threadlocker to the eyebolt. Once applied, screw into the magnet and allow it to cure for 12-24 hours for maximum results. This is an important step to prevent losing your magnet on the first few tosses.

 The best knot is one that is easy to tie, yet strong enough for any condition. The Palomar Knot is best known for magnet fishing, as it is considered to be reliable and trustworthy. If you are unsure how to tie this knot, a simple Google search could help.

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After each use, we highly suggest starting by wiping the magnet off. An old toothbrush can be very useful to clean out the debris stuck in the crevices used with soap and water. WD-40 can be very helpful to use afterwards to prevent any rust.

The easiest method to remove objects is by sliding them across and off the face of the magnet. If it's a larger object, you can set it on the ground, put your foot on the object to anchor it, and give the magnet a solid tug to detach.

TSA lists magnets as approved for travel in both carry on and checked bags. However, it is best to check the TSA list on their website. It ultimately rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the check point. It is still possible that they may deny boarding with the magnet so we would not recommend attempting to bring it with you on a plane.

Our team here at Muscular Magnetics have found it super helpful to go to Google Maps on your phone and look for local bodies of water around you that you may not have even known about. The more people that typically go to these lakes, rivers, oceans will increase your chances of finding a variety of different metal items due to things dropped, thrown or just forgotten about!

There are many different type sizes and styles of magnets that work great for magnet fishing. For adults, we always recommend a magnet that is over 1000lbs in pull force. It’s plenty powerful, yet not too heavy to toss. However, the stronger the magnet, the less likely it will be for it to fall off the item your retrieving. Magnets less than 1000lbs in pull force are great for kids or beginners trying out magnet fishing for the first time.

There are currently no states that require a license to magnet fish at this time.

We always recommend calling your local police department to report a gun that has been found. This may help to solve a crime from years past that was never resolved. This has happened before and allowed the case to be closed due to this piece of evidence.

We currently offer two styles of fishing magnets. One is a single sided magnet and the other is a double sided magnet. The single sided magnet is great for dropping straight down off of a dock, boat, pier, etc. All of the power of the magnet will be on the one side. Double sided magnets are great for tossing out and dragging back as this allows both sides to attract to metal. The pull force rating will be a combined strength between both sides. For example, a 1000lb rated magnet will have a pulling power of 500lbs per side.

All of our fishing magnets are coated into three different chemicals (Ni-Cu-Ni) to prevent rust from happening. However we always recommend drying the magnet after each use to keep it in the best condition possible. 

Each of our magnet fishing kits come with 100ft of rope and varies between 6mm and 8mm in diameter. The stronger the magnet, the thicker the rope is. Rope that is triple braided gives it that much more durability to retrieve the bigger items without snapping midway through.

The only state that is known to be illegal is South Carolina. From our research, every other state is legal. If this is in question, we do suggest seeking advice from your local authorities on your area specifically.

There are endless things to find magnet fishing! We have a full gallery on our ‘Customer Finds’ section on our website that give a sneak peek at what other customers of ours have found. Guns, knives, bikes, cell phones, watches, tools, wallets with jewelry/money, are some items just to name a few!

We offer free shipping on all orders in the lower 48 states. There are faster shipping options available and the price varies depending on the location. For international orders, we suggest reaching out to our support team for exact pricing.

Our strongest magnet that we currently offer is a 2625lb double sided magnet and it is a BEAST! The magnet alone weighs roughly 5lbs! Strong is an understatement!

Our goal from day one was to provide the highest quality magnet fishing gear on the market and we have done just that. We have spent countless hours making sure each item in our kits are at the highest standard possible for long lasting use, while also offering it at an affordable price. No short cuts! We view each customer as a member of our family. Without your support, we would not be leading the magnet fishing industry today which is why we will go above and beyond to ensure a happy experience with us.

Magnets are unfortunately not attracted to precious metals such as gold and silver. However, we have had a handful of customers that have lifted metal safes, jewelry bags, and wallets that had precious metals in them. So the possibilities are still possible!