Fishing Magnet Bracket - Small

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This strong, extremely durable large dual bracket can offer two magnets to be attached for double the treasure! Having an additional magnet attached is the perfect solution to reduce lost finds. This allows the magnet to attach in more than one spot on the item preventing the magnet from easily coming off.


Size: Small

Magnet to fit: 625lb Single-Sided

Type: 304 Stainless Steel, M8 Wing-nuts, M10 Eyebolt

Includes: Two screws, two wing-nuts, four washers

Additional Info: This bracket has the capability to be used on our double sided magnets. For this to work, each bracket hole will need to be drilled a few millimeters wider and will need a slightly larger bolt.  

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"Everything came just as described! We bought a couple of kits for each of us to use and couldn't believe what we pulled up! Two foldable chairs and different metal objects. Totally worth every penny!! I highly recommend Muscular Magnetics for their great quality and top-notch customer service."

Jon E.

"My son and I used our new magnet purchase today. Everything seems to be of quality material. There is definitely a reason why the thread lock is included in the package. Not only is the equipment great but so is the customer service. I would definitely recommend buying this product from this company above all others. There was an issue with the product in the box when I received it. I reached out to Muscularmagnetics and they took care of the issue immediately".

SF. Lew